Car Dent Removal Tool Set

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Power Suction Cup ToolFull Repair SetUpgraded Repair Set
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Repair car den't like a pro! Without using other expensive tools, it help you save money and time enables yo to remove dents easily!
Dent lifter are adjustable, you can adjust the fixed position and distance for your different size dents.


🚗Keep your car spotless, flawless, dent-free and presentable all the time.
🚗Easy to use suitable for anyone, simply follow the instructions!
🚗Car Dent Removal Tool Set allows you to repair car's by your self again and again
🚗Strong glue viscosity and superior pulling power, no muscle required!
🚗Great on hail Damage, repair dent from car body motorcycle and many more!


  1. Choose an appropriate size gasket for the dented part.
  2. Apply hot glue on the gasket and stick it to the dented part. Apply it quick before the hot glue hardened.
  3. Attach the puller to the gasket and start pulling until the dent is removed.
  4. Apply alcohol to the repaired part and remove the hardened glue.


  • Power Suction Cup Tool Pack
    • 12* Suction Tips
  • Full Repair Set
    • 1* Dent Remover Tool
    • 12* Suction Tips
  • Upgraded Repair Set
    • 1* Dent Remover Tool
    • 12* Suction Tips
    • 1* Hot Glue Gun
    • 1* Hot Glue Rod
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